AMSOIL Buy Local Official Launch

February 23, 2016 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Buy Local


Today is the day we officially Launch AMSOIL Buy Local Dealer Directory. We started working on this project back in September 2015 with the idea of having a easy to use, mobile friendly and Google optimized website where all of our AMSOIL Retailer and Installer accounts can be listed. We also wanted to include active AMSOIL dealers that are stocking some products at their location.

As of today we have crossed the 50 listing mark and are officially “On the Map” as they say.

It is our hope to complement the efforts of AMSOIL Inc and their “Find AMSOIL” tool. While this is a great way to find AMSOIL products we wanted to be able to add more value to the customers that are searching as well as give more value to our stocking accounts.

Another aspect of the AMSOIL Buy Local listing is the ease of social media tools. Each listing can be shared on a users favorite social media site like Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, and others. Again this gives those accounts more value and reasons to work with the dealers in our team.

As AMSOIL Inc continues to grow in recognition, more and more people will be searching out where to buy the products. With the AMSOIL Buy Local Dealer Directory they will have to look no further than the smartphone in their pocket.

If you are considering stocking AMSOIL products either as a local retailer or independent dealer consider working with someone on our team. We promise to be committed to your success with AMSOIL products. Become an AMSOIL Retailer.