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Between working with customers and managing your shop, it takes a lot of time and effort to run a successful business. AMSOIL provides the tools you need to make selling AMSOIL products easy and profitable while making your business more visible and manageable.

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Great Perks

Free Shipping

AMSOIL retail accounts in the contiguous U.S. receive free standard ground shipping on orders of $350 or more. Orders less than $350 are charged a flat shipping rate of $11.99. Additional fees for special services, including lift gate, may apply.

Free Merchandising Kit

AMSOIL offers a free retail merchandising kit to retailers that purchase $350 or more of AMSOIL products. Kits are designed to capture attention and increase sales while your customers are in the store.

AMSOIL Locator

The AMSOIL website receives tens of thousands of visitors each day, many of whom are searching for stores or auto service centers that offer AMSOIL Synthetic Lubricants. Qualified AMSOIL retail accounts appear on the AMSOIL locator at amsoil.com with a complete profile page helping increase traffic through your doors.

AMSOIL Products are Positioned to Sell

Whether you are looking for products that support your standards for quality and reinforce your professional reputation, bring in new customers or help grow your bottom line, AMSOIL can help.


AMSOIL products are exclusively available at small and regional chains to protect against predatory pricing. Carrying AMSOIL synthetic lubricants helps you stand out from the competition.

Product Diversity

AMSOIL offers everything from advanced synthetic drivetrain lubricants to premium fuel additives, motorcycle oil, two-stroke oil and more. The complete AMSOIL product line insures your customer will find whatever they need so they don’t have to shop elsewhere.

Personalized Service

AMSOIL retailers are supported by independent AMSOIL Dealers who are familiar with AMSOIL products, processes and programs. They can provide advanced sales support and be an especially valuable resource to your shop. Your servicing AMSOIL Dealer is your resource for success with AMSOIL. He or she will work with you to help you meet your business goals.

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AMSOIL Products Are In Demand

Many of today’s vehicles arrive from the factory with synthetic lubricants already installed, and manufacturers encourage their continued use to maximize vehicle performance and life. AMSOIL is a recognized and established brand among auto enthusiasts who demand the best for their vehicles. Enthusiasts account for 33 percent of the automotive aftermarket. They take pride in their vehicles; they value power, speed, performance and longevity. AMSOIL products deliver the performance and quality enthusiasts want, driving new and loyal customers through your doors.

AMSOIL CO-OP Advertising Support

To help drive customers through your doors, AMSOIL invests heavily in national television, Internet and print advertising, in addition to Official Partnerships with the nation’s biggest events and racing series – including Sturgis, GNCC and more.

AMSOIL also offers a Co-op Advertising Program for retail accounts. Co-op credit is earned according to the amount of AMSOIL products purchased. Co-op credit can be redeemed for print and broadcast advertising featuring AMSOIL products, or for AMSOIL promotional items or merchandising material.

Auto Parts Stores

Having what customers want on the shelf is a point of pride and crucial for success. AMSOIL helps you stay on the forefront of automotive technology with specialty viscosities and formulations that provide exceptional wear protection, peak performance and the widest variety of full synthetic products that keep existing customers coming back and new customers coming in.

  • Meet the demands of emerging technology
  • Bring in new, high-value customers
  • Boost Profits
  • Strengthen your online presence
  • Receive advertising support

Repair Shops

Your customers know they can expect the very best from you – the best customer service, the best vehicle care and the best products that get them the best performance. Your reputation is the cornerstone from which your success is built.

Carefully engineered, premium AMSOIL products help protect your reputation while keeping your business profitable.

  • Build your reputation
  • Provide more protection
  • Receive personalized service
  • Boost Profits
  • Increase your online presence

Turn a Profit with with AMSOIL

Synthetics’ share of the North American lubricants market is growing. Consumers now generally accept that synthetics are better than conventional oils. In addition, statistics show that people keep their vehicles longer than they used to.

Consumers want to put off the expense of a new vehicle for as long as possible, and synthetic lubricants can help them extend the life of their equipment.

Quick Lubes sell AMSOIL Oil changes

The more customers you move through your bays, the more money you make. Whether it’s an oil change, transmission service or other addons like fuel cleaners and chemical flushes that bring in extra profit, having easy and fast access to the products you need at competitive prices is what makes or breaks your business. AMSOIL products can help push the average ticket price up, increasing the profit per ticket while your independent AMSOIL, Dealer is available to ensure you have everything you need when you need it.

  • Draw more customers
  • Be more competitive
  • Increase your average ticket
  • Receive product quickly
  • Get found locally online

How Do AMSOIL Products Stand Up?

Weather its for gasoline engine, diesel or small engines including two stroke, AMSOIL’s extensive laboratory and field testing insures that our products outperform the competition. You can rest assured that promoting AMSOIL products to your customers will make you their go to place as well as refer their friends and family.

  • provided 75 percent more engine protection against horsepower loss and wear than required by the industry standard (signature series)
  • Protects turbochargers 72% better than required by the GM dexos1® gen 2 specification (signature series)
  • 50% more detergents for a cleaner engine (signature series)
  • 90% better protection against sludge (signature series)
  • 30% more acid neutralizing power than Mobil 1, and 36% more than Royal Purple (signature series)
  • 64% more protection against oil breakdown than required by the GM dexos1® gent 2 specification (XL Series)
  • 76% less oil consumption (Signature Series Diesel)
  • 66% less oil consumption (Heavy Duty Diesel)
  • 4X more protection against wear than required by Detroit Diesel’s standard (Heavy Duty Diesel)
  • 6X more wear protection than required by the standard (Signature Series Diesel)
  • AMSOIL Ea Oil Filters rank among the highest efficiency with 98.7% at 20 microns
  • SABER Professional two cycle is 96% carbon-free after 300 hours
  • 32% better protection against cold temperature gelling than Howes Lubricator Diesel Treat®

The list goes on and on. AMSOIL products are designed to perform. With over 45 years experience in engineering the best possible lubricants on the market we have your covered.

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