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Hello! I'm David and I am a motorsports junkie! Whether it be motorcycles, cars, or my pontoon boat, I have always tried to take the best care of my equipment as I possibly can. A couple of years ago, the perfect storm of maintenance converged upon me and I was faced with about $400 worth of oil changes at one time. Visiting the local auto parts store yielded a variety of brands of products available. I thought, there must be a better way of knowing the quality of what I'm putting in my vehicles. I started doing research and ended up becoming an Amsoil independent dealer. Now I benefit from increased gas mileage, longevity, and the convenience of having my products delivered right to my door. I would like to assist you with all of your auto and power equipment needs! I service the greater Kansas City area as well as Table Rock Lake in Missouri.


6319 S Buckner Tarsney Rd



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