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Valley Synthetics of Kansas City

Hello! I’m David Abrams and I am a motorsports junkie and an Independent AMSOIL Dealer located Kansas City Missouri!


Like you, I have also modified my purchasing habits due to the global pandemic we face. Wouldn’t it be great to visit a website, enter your vehicle or equipment type, see a list of available quality fluids and additives, and have it delivered to your door in a few days? AMSOIL online store is easy to use!


Interested in free shipping with qualified orders? Head to and you will find such a site.

We are located in Eastern Jackson County, MO and serve the greater Kansas City Area. Valley Synthetics is available to serve all of your lubricant needs. Whether it be motorcycles, cars, boats, heavy trucks or landscaping equipment, AMSOIL has the products to keep all of your equipment in top shape! It’s time for you to benefit from increased gas mileage, longevity, and the convenience of having products delivered right to your home or business. I would like to assist you with all of your auto and power equipment needs! I service the greater Kansas City area as well as Table Rock Lake in Missouri. Phone calls and texts always welcome.



6319 S Buckner Tarsney Rd.
Grain Valley, MO 64029

Phone: 816-699-2563 call/text