AMSOIL Dealer in Every Town, Every Garage & Every Customer is Family


We recently attended an AMSOIL training class held by the corporate staff. Dean Alexander, Co-President of AMSOIL Inc gave a great presentation about the core vision of AMSOIL for the future. Needless to say we wholeheartedly agree with this vision and will be doing our part to create make that vision come true. One of the reasons we created the AMSOIL Buy Local dealer directory was to be able to help our dealers accomplish the vision.

The AMSOIL Vision is:

  1. A successful AMSOIL dealer in every town
  2. AMSOIL products in every garage
  3. Every AMSOIL customer is family

While the AMSOIL brand name recognition has grown by leaps and bounds in the last few years, in many places across the United States and Canada AMSOIL products are still hard to find. Sure you can go directly to and order products direct, many customers want to be able to find a local place to purchase their products or even get an oil change. This is where the new vision of AMSOIL comes from.

AMSOIL created a business opportunity back in 1972 that allows for individuals to have their own business. Since that time the business opportunity as become one of of the top home business opportunities available for anyone who loves cars, trucks, boats, motorcycles…virtually any type of equipment that needs lubrication. Many dealers have turned their hobby into a part-time or even full time income with AMSOIL.

AMSOIL offers dealers the ability to sell products out of their home, or even set up local retailers that stock products on the shelf or install products in customers vehicles and equipment.

Our goal is to fill our AMSOIL Buy Local directory map up with Successful AMSOIL Dealers in every town that have many retailers selling products on the shelf and installing AMSOIL in customers vehicles and equipment. This in turn helps put AMSOIL products in every garage. Lastly part of our core value is that we treat all of our customers like friends. We enjoy connecting with and helping our customers understand the value that AMSOIL products provide. We also do our best to have a customer service policy second to none. We are not looking for one-off sales or one time customers. We’re looking for customers for life.

We hope that you would be interested in taking part of the AMSOIL Vision of having Successful AMSOIL Dealers in every town, AMSOIL products in every garage and Customers that are family.

If you have an interest in the AMSOIL business opportunity check out the newly created Join AMSOIL landing page.


If you are a retailer and would like to get setup to sell AMSOIL products at your store or shop please use the AMSOIL Retailer registration form.