Caleb Foster Independent Dealer

1211 County Street 2966 Blanchard, OK 73010

General Information

Caleb Foster, Independent AMSOIL Dealer located in Blanchard Oklahoma. We are a full service AMSOIL dealers as well as the owner of Pyschotic Lighting LLC were we specialize in LED light bars for ATV’s UTV’s, Trucks and other equipment.

Give us a call for all your AMSOIL needs or get registered as a factory direct account with us as your servicing dealer. Be sure that when you sign up that it lists us as your dealer. Use this link to go to AMSOIL and become a wholesale customer. We also stock some AMSOIL products mainly for Diesel applications, ATV/UTV and motorcycles. We would be glad to order any AMSOIL products for your vehicles and equipment.

Find out which account is best for you using the AMSOIL Account Wizard!

1211 County Street 2966
Blanchard, OK 73010

Phone: 405-617-6516 call/text


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