Langston Motorcycle Service & Repair

203 S Mickey Mantle Blvd, Commerce, OK 74339

General Information

Gene Langston is no stranger to motorcycles, he’s been riding and working on bikes for a long time. In 2016 he opened Langston Motorcycle Service and Repair in Commerce Oklahoma. Langston’s can handle any type of repair or service as well as order just about motorcycle accessory you can thing of.

Langston Motorcycle believe in quality and top notch customer service. This is why they decided from the very beginning to carry AMSOIL products. Gene knows that customers care about running the highest quality lubricants and filters in their bikes.

AMSOIL Products:

— Synthetic V-Twin, 20w50, 10W-40 Motorcycle Oil
— Synthetic V-Twin Transmission Fluid
— Synthetic V-Twin Primary Fluid
— Quickshot Fuel Additive
— AMSOIL EaOM Motorcycle Oil Filters
— Shock Therapy Suspension Fluid


Langston Motorcycle Service and Repair, LLC
203 S Mickey Mantle Blvd
Commerce, OK 74339

Phone: (918) 541-6452

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