Wauben’s AMSOIL Synthetics

10170 Clum Rd, Harrod, OH 45850

General Information

Wauben’s AMSOIL Synthetics is your go to source for AMSOIL in the Harrod Ohio and surrounding areas. We are close to Lima Ohio and would be glad to help you get the best synthetic lubricants for your vehicles and equipment. Be sure to use our independent dealer link so that we can be your servicing dealer. Click here to go to AMSOIL website: amsoil.com/?zo=30315606

We are Independent AMSOIL Dealers and work with a variety of customers. We can sell you products out of our inventory or help you find the best customer solution for you. If you are a business owner let us know, we have special pricing for businesses. Otherwise you can become a preferred customer member for exclusive discounts.

We are also the owners of Reign UTV parts and accessories as well as Submarine Audio LLC your go to source for outdoor and marine audio solutions.

Wauben’s AMSOIL Synthetics
Harrod, OH 45850

Phone: 419-979-8238 call/text

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