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Dean Hempel of Seymour is your favorite go to AMSOIL dealer for the Knoxville and east Tennessee area. He has been working in the automotive and petroleum industries since 1968. His interests vary from the preservation of antiques that trace our history to the advances that will shape our future in transportation.

Dean Hempel, has a varied level of experiences from engine building, ignition specialist, drag racing, car restoration, and much more.  As the first mechanic to obtain his certificate for DMV Inspector at age 18, he continues to show his excitement automobiles. He first became an AMSOIL dealer in 1978 and now is back after a pause.​

He has many years experiences for all things mechanical, from operating boats with a dive company in Florida to building an engine from the ground up in his classic cars. Dean has experienced the performance of using AMSOIL products for many years.

Give him a call, he’s got a lot of connections and would be glad to help you get the best pricing and delivery on AMSOIL products. He attends many car events in the Smokey Mountains so stop by and say when you see him.


Dean Hempel, Independent AMSOIL Dealer
10330 Chapman Highway
Seymour, TN 37865

Phone: 865-325-2777 (call/text)



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