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3146 Popetown Road, Knox, PA, United States 814-797-5146
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Hi, Tim Seigworth here! Our Family business was started by my Grandfather Ken Seigworth. We take pride in our craftsmanship in making heavy-duty trucks ready to plow winter snow for local and state equipment.

We provide Snow Plow Trucks, Snow Removal Equipment, Mowing Equipment, Sidedozers, Pipe, Guide rail, Signs and Sign Posts to Municipalities, Townships, Boroughs, and Individuals seeking such needs.

Our full-service adds the support, hydraulics to move and control these huge plows to service communities in many areas.

We now offer AMSOIL Lubricants, filters and fuel additives to help our customers take the best care of their equipment. AMSOIL reduces downtime, increases protection and saves money.  If you are looking for a specific product that we don’t carry, we would be happy to order that for you.


Seigworth Road Supply, Inc.
3146 Popetown Rd
Knox, PA 16232

Phone: (814) 797-5146




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Address 3146 Popetown Road, Knox, PA, United States
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