Retail focused AMSOIL Dealers earn more!

We recently made a new page helping potential AMSOIL Dealers understand how to become a Retail-Focused Dealer.

What is a Retail focused AMSOIL Dealer?

A Retail focused AMSOIL dealer concentrates most of the attention to obtaining Retailers and Installers to carry AMSOIL products for their business. The retailer focused AMSOIL works with and promotes their retailers to help them sell more AMSOIL. AMSOIL dealers earn a commission on all products that move through their business on a monthly basis. As an Independent Dealer you work with a variety of customers and accounts. Specifically the Retail on the Shelf and the Installer program allows these business to register with you for a factory direct AMSOIL account. Once these accounts are registered they are protected against other AMSOIL dealers. AMSOIL dealers do not have territories, they do have account protection. Dealers who interfere with another’s accounts will be reprimanded and possibly penalized monetarily.

How do Retail-focused AMSOIL Dealers earn more? The way Retail-focused dealers earn more is by leveraging their time and talents by working with many business across the country. There are only so many customers one individual dealer has time to work with. By having many retail and installer business across the US and Canada the AMSOIL Dealer is able to sell more products. AMSOIL Dealers earn commissions from the purchases their retailers (and all other customers).

Some retailers and installers can purchase thousands of dollars per month in products. Quick Lubes and Auto parts stores like NAPA that carry inventory are great places to seek out. Can you imagine your business still producing income even if you can’t work at it for a month? Retailers are great accounts if you teach them to be self sufficient in ordering.

We created this AMSOIL Buy Local Dealer Directory to help our Retailers and Installers get found. Many people are looking for AMSOIL but do not know where to find the products. Many people do not want to wait several days for the products to be shipped. Having some local retailers can help your AMSOIL Business grow, increasing your income.

If you are looking at becoming an AMSOIL Dealer, especially one that is focused on working with Retailers and Installers consider checking out our page on our website


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** AMSOIL Dealer income disclosure: AMSOIL Dealers are paid commissions based on monthly sales of products. Income is solely based on sales of products and not on registering or signup up dealers and accounts. All income examples are hypothetical and not based on any single persons performance. Each AMSOIL dealer works their business as they wish. Income can be more or less than any examples mentioned.