What’s it worth to show up on the first page of Google?


The AMSOIL Buy Local Directory listing is now just over 4 months old. We launched this back in December 2015 and have been adding new AMSOIL Dealers and Local Retailers / Installers to the list. As of April 1st, 2016 we have over 80 listings.

The theory behind the AMSOIL Buy Local Directory is that all listing help each other. To be listed on the first page of Google, a website should be relevant, and have unique content that the searcher wants to see. This simple idea is that over 30,000 people per day are searching for AMSOIL products. Many want to find a place to purchase locally. Having a directory that is Mobile friendly and search engine optimized will give those people what they want. On top of that each listing is unique. Each AMSOIL Dealer or Retailer has a individual page that lists where they are located, what they can do as far as services goes and what AMSOIL products they have in stock. Secondly there are multiple ways to get in contact with each business.

The AMSOIL Buy Local Directory also integrates with Google maps. This allows someone looking for AMSOIL products to quickly scan their area to find other businesses that might have what they need.

When thinking about products to recommend, sell, and install at your shop, do you consider if those products will help drawn in new customers? Working with us and AMSOIL you could be attracting new customers you wouldn’t necessary attract with your current products.

How much would you value your businesses ability to show up on the first page of Google for keyword search of AMSOIL for your local area?


Working with dealers on our team will allow you to have access to our exclusive AMSOIL Buy Local Dealer Directory. Below is a recently added AMSOIL retailer that is showing up in Google Search results on page one:


AMSOIL Buy Local 1st page of google


Let us know how we can help you and your business get new customers and earn more profits by Selling and Recommending AMSOIL Products.